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Study Information :
Summary : Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors with Persistent Fatigue
The purpose of the study is to determine the effects of a series of yoga classes on energy, mood, physical function and activity of the immune and endocrine systems in women who have survived breast cancer. In particular, we are interested in those women who experience persistent fatigue after completing their primary treatment of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.
Subjects will Receive :  
- Three months of free yoga classes    
- A structured psychiatric interview to assess current emotional well-being    
- A cardiac evaluation including heart rate and heart function    
- Subjects will receive $20 and a parking pass for each UCLA assessment.    
Study Requirements :    
- Involves coming to UCLA for three in person assessments
- Providing saliva samples for two days before and two days after the yoga intervention
- Blood work
- Completion of self-report questionnaires
- Completing weekly diaries to assess fatigue, sleep and mood changes while participating in the yoga classes
Please call (310) 267-4423 if you would like to participate