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Brief Biography of Herbert Weiner, M.D.

For more than half a century, Dr. Herbert Weiner has been a driving force in the field of psychosomatic medicine. Dr. Weiner has been the unquestioned intellectual leader in psychosomatic medicine: his scholarly writings are intense, exhaustive, and integrative of the many school of thought that define this discipline.Dr. Weiner served as Editor of Psychosomatic Medicine (1972-1982), the most prestigious journal in the field, during the ten-year period in which the journal emerged as the premier forum for research in biopsychologically-oriented psychosomatics. He also served as President of both the national



and international psychosomatic societies. He is the author of Psychobiology and Human Disease (1977), a remarkable work for its quality, comprehensiveness, and significance in the field. His monograph, Perturbing the Organism: The Biology of Stressful Experience (1992) is a crowning achievement of his writings on the relationship between mind, brain and body in health and disease. It is a compelling synthesis of 20th Century thinking on bridging the gap between mind and body.

We are privileged to have counted Herb among our colleagues at UCLA, where he developed the Psychiatry Department’s research training programs and secured the reputation of a “physician’s physician.” His ability to present a case to students and maintain the dignity of the patient is masterful, and his trainees remain in awe of this rare skill. He has been a sought-after mentor, and he has nurtured the careers of many of our best trainees. He has done this by providing scholarly leadership in the broad area of psychobiological education at both the clinical and research levels. His finest students have become full-time academicians, and carry on his legacy through training programs that he established in psychobiology of the major mental disorders, HIV-AIDS, and psychoneuroimmunology.

Herbert Weiner Distinguished Fellow Award

In appreciation of Dr. Weiner, the Cousins Center for PNI has established the Herbert Weiner Distinguished Fellow Award. This award recognizes the excellence of one post-doctoral trainee who is currently participating in the Cousins Center Post-Graduate Training Program in Psychoneuroimmunology.

Trainees are selected based on the significance and uniqueness of their post-doctoral research. Trainees’ research plans should emphasizes the interactions among environment, brain, behavior, and the immune- and neuroendocrine systems, and their implications for health..

The 2002-03 Herbert Weiner Distinguished Fellow is Alicia Collado-Hidalgo, Ph.D. whose research project is entitled “Inflammatory Processes in Breast Cancer Survivors.”