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Summary: Understanding the Side Effects of Immunotherapy

The purpose of the study is to examine possible side effects of treatment with IL-2, such as fatigue and problems with sleep and thinking, and to identify physical and psychological factors that may contribute to these side effects in kidney cancer patients undergoing IL-2 treatment. This is not a treatment study.

Subjects will Receive : Who is Eligible ?
- Compensation of $100.00 for your participation - 30 to 60 years of age
- A comprehensive evaluation of emotional well-being - A clinical diagnosis of metastatic renal cell carcinoma
- An in person assessment at UCLA prior to beginning treatment with IL-2 (can be scheduled around other UCLA appointments). -Beginning the first cycle of treatment with high dose IL-2 at UCLA Medical Center

Study Requirements:


- In person assessments that take place during your scheduled hospitalization for IL-2

- Completion of self-report questionnaires
- Blood samples
- A series of cognitive tests, including tests of your memory, attention, and language and spatial skills
- Completion of at home questionnaires and saliva samples
- Wearing a wrist device for five days and nights
Please call (310) 794-5492 if you would like to participate.