Psychoneuroimmunology is a multi-disciplinary scientific field that involves investigation of behavioral, neural, endocrine and immune system interactions and the relationships between behavior and health. Ideally, projects will focus on molecular- and systems-level interactions of brain, behavior and immunity and/or the psychosocial and behavioral processes in relation to prevention, protection, and treatment of immune-mediated disease.

F aculty members at UCLA and affiliated institutions are eligible to apply. Faculty may hold regular series, in residence, clinical compensated, adjunct or research series appointments.

Maximum funding offered is $20,000 per year, with possible renewal for a total of two years. Services associated with clinical immunology testing can be provided by the Cousins Center Core Clinical Immunology Laboratory.

Letters of Intent and the subsequently invited Seed Grant Applications are peer-reviewed by the Cousins Center Internal Advisory Group.

Review criteria for PNI Interdisciplinary Seed Grants include:

  • Significance of research proposed
  • Relevance of research to psychoneuroimmunology
  • Evidence of interdisciplinary interaction
  • Likelihood that project will develop toward independent funding
  • Interface with Cousins Center programmatic goals

Funding of approved projects is awarded once all applicable IRB clearances are in place.

Projects are reviewed in the 10 th month of funding via a brief written progress report and oral presentation to the PNI Task Force. For those projects designed to span two years, a decision on awarding the second year of funding is made using the original review criteria.

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The purpose of these awards is to foster interaction and interdisciplinary research projects in basic and clinical areas of psychoneuroimmunology. The goal is to provide funding for pilot research that can lead to submission of R01-type grants to obtain continuing research support from governmental or private sources.