Cancer: Psychobiological Mechanisms and Cancer-Related Symptoms

Here is what Cousins Center investigators have accomplished:

Behavioral Interventions improve quality of life in cancer survivors
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Chronic stress promotes tumor growth
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See what we are doing now. Here are some of our ongoing studies.
Imputation for Moderate Sized Mental Health Studies
PI: Thomas Belin Funded by NIMH
Mechanisms of Radiation Induced Fatigue in Cancer
PI: Julienne Bower Funded by NCI
Iyengar Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors with Persistent Fatigue
PI: Julienne Bower Funded by NCCAM
Combinatorial Genomics in Cancer
PI: Steve Cole Funded by NCI
Cognitive Functioning After Breast Cancer Treatment
PI: Patricia Ganz Funded by NCI
PTSD and Depression in Parents of Children with Cancer
PI: Dorothy Glover Funded by NIMH
Tai Chi Effects on Chronic Insomnia in Breast Cancer Survivors: Immune Mechanisms
PI: Michael Irwin Funded by NCI
Immune Dysfunction and AIDS-associated B Cell Lymphoma
PI: Otoniel Martinez-Maza Funded by NCI
Molecular Epidemiology of AIDS-associated Lymphoma
PI: Otoniel Martinez-Maza Funded by NCI
Living Well with Breast Cancer: A Predictive Model
PI: Annette Stanton Funded by UC/Breast Cancer Research Program
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