Aging: Older adults may be especially vulnerable to the immunological effects of stress.

Here is what Center investigators have found:
Solutions to the development of vaccine in the elderly
Effros RB. Problems & solutions to development of vaccines for the elderly, Immunol Allergy Clin North Am 2003 Feb;23(1):41-55
The practice of Tai Chi Chih, a moving meditation, improves health functioning and immunity in older adults.
Irwin MR, Pike JL, Cole, JS & Oxman M . Effects of a behavioral intervention, Tai Chi Chih, on Varicella zoster virus specific immunity and health functioning in older and at-risk adults. Psychosomatic Medicine, 65:824-830, 2003.
Bereavement in Alzheimer caregivers has health consequences
Grant I, Adler KA, Patterson TL, Dimsdale JE, Ziegler MG, Irwin MR. Health consequences of Alzheimer caregiving transitions: effects of placement and bereavement. Psychosomatic Medicine 64:477-486, 2002.
Genetic modulation serves as a novel strategy to augment immune function in the elderly
Effros RB. Genetic alterations in the ageing immune system: impact on infection and cancer. Mech Ageing Dev. 2003 Jan;124(1):71-7.
Sleep impairs health
Motivala SJ, Levin MJ, Oxman MN, Irwin MR. Impairments in health functioning and sleep quality in older adults with a history of depression. JAGS 2006 54:1184-1191.
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Enhancing Recovery After Cardiac Surgery
PI: Lynn Doering Funded by NINR
CD8 T Cell Replicative Senescence: Impact on Aged Humans
PI: Rita Effros Funded by NIA
Aging: Cytokine Mechanisms and Treatment of Insomnia
PI: Michael Irwin Funded by NIA
Sleep and Immune Mechanisms in Rheumatoid Arthritis
PI: Michael Irwin Funded by NHLBI
Intervention Clinical Trial for Geriatric Depression
PI: Helen Lavretsky Funded by NIMH
Aging: Insomnia Treatment and Energy Balance
PI: Sarosh Motivala Funded by NIA
Psychological and Biological Antecedents of Health Behavior Decisions
PI: Shelley Taylor Funded by NIA
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