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The Psychophysiology Core Laboratory supports stress reactivity studies in psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body research. This 300 square foot laboratory is located on the third floor of UCLA 300 Medical Plaza and includes a 150 square foot testing room, a 60 square foot observation room for monitoring of subjects during stress reactivity sessions, and a 60 square foot anteroom. The laboratory was established to measure estimates of cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system function, including blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, stroke volume, systolic time intervals and heart rate variability. Laboratory equipment includes a vital signs monitor (DINAMAP DP100B, GE Medical Systems) to measure blood pressure and heart rate as well a bio-electric impedance cardiograph and electrocardiograph monitor (HIC-2000, Bio-Impedance Technologies) to measure hemodynamic and autonomic function. Analog signals are digitized and then viewed, processed and stored on a Dell Optiplex, Pentium 4 P.C. The laboratory has specialized software (COPWIN version 5.0) for acquisition and analysis of hemodynamic and autonomic variables. In the subject-monitoring room, staff are able to track signal acquisition on the P.C. and also to observe subjects via a T.V. monitor that receives signals from a wireless camera in the testing room. EMBLA EEG sleep monitoring units are also available for monitoring of awake EEG. Nursing personnel can be provided via the UCLA GCRC for continuous blood sampling.