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Shelley E. Taylor, Ph.D.
Professor, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, Dept. of Psychology
Associate Member, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology,
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

Research Interests

Shelley Taylor (Professor of Psychology, UCLA) studies the psychological states and psychosocial resources that influence immune functioning and immune-related disorders. With her colleagues including Drs. Kemeny, Cole, Miller, and Bower, Dr. Taylor has explored how negative expectations regarding health contribute to a more rapid course of illness among individuals affected with HIV and how positive expectations, even those that are falsely inflated, appear to foster a less rapid decline. Taylor and Bower have also tested whether psychosocial states, such as optimism, and resources, such as social support, moderate the relationships between cognitive processing and progression of HIV disease. In her most recent work, she explores the biological pathways by which the positive effects of self-enhancing beliefs achieve their positive effects on inflammatory responses to stress. She also examines the impact of a “risky” early family environment on adult stress regulatory systems and immune functioning.

Current research

NIMH, “Self-Regulatory Aspects of Positive Illusions” (MH56880-05), 07/01/03- 06/30/06.

UCLA Center for Psychoneuroimmunology Seed Grant, “ Family Environment and

Biobehavioral Stress Responses” Shelley Taylor, P.I., 03/03-03/04.

NSF, “Vulnerability Theory and Decision Making” (0234454) Shelley Taylor, P.I.,


NSF, “Culture, Coping, and Managing Stress” (0338631) Shelley Taylor, P.I.,


Recent publications

Taylor, S. E., Lerner, J. S., Sherman, D. K., Sage, R. M., & McDowell, N. K. (2003). Are Self-Enhancing Cognitions Associated with Healthy or Unhealthy Biological Profiles? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85, 605-615.

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Kemeny ME, Weiner H, Duran R, Taylor SE, Visscher B, & Fahey JL. Immune system changes following the death of a partner in HIV positive gay men. Psychosom Med, 57, 549-554, 1995.

Taylor, Shelley E.
4611 Franz Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
mail code: 156304
phone: 310-825-7648
fax: 310-206-5895

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