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Patricia A. Ganz, M.D.
Professor of Medicine and Health Services, UCLA Schools of Medicine and Public Health
Director, Division of Cancer Prevention & Control Research, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Associate Member, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

Research Interests

Dr. Patricia Ganz has spent the last 20 years doing systematic research on the quality of life of cancer survivors. She is particularly interested in the late biomedical effects of cancer treatment and has recently been exploring problems of fatigue and cognitive dysfunction in breast cancer survivors. These studies have included an interest in measurement of pro-inflammatory cytokines as potential links to observed complaints in survivors. She has a wealth of experience in psychosocial and behavioral intervention research in cancer patients and survivors, and would like to expand this work in the area of PNI research and has ongoing collaborations with Drs. Bower, Fahey, and Effros.

Current research

Breast Cancer: Preparing for Survivorship
Principal Investigator: Patricia Ganz
Agency: NIH/NCI
Type: R01 CA 63028 Period: 08/15/98-07/31/02
To conduct a randomized controlled trial to evaluate a counseling intervention addressing transition from primary treatment to breast cancer survivor.

Impact of Breast Cancer Treatments on Gonadal Function and Reproductive Health
Principal Investigator: Patricia Ganz
Agency: Department of Defense
Type: DAMD 17-98-1-8180 Period: 9/30/98-9/29/02
A study to evaluate the gonadal function and reproductive health of long-term cancer survivors.

Psychological Well-Being in Long-Term Cancer Survivors
Principal Investigator: Patricia Ganz
Agency: NIH/NCI
Type: 1 R03 78972-01 Period: 9/30/98-8/31/02
To identify unique aspects of psychological well-being associated with long-term survival after cancer and develop and validate new assessment instruments that measure quality of life.

Breast Cancer Treatment Outcomes in Older Women
Principal Investigator: R. Silliman (PI) Role: UCLA Site PI
Agency: NIH/NCI (UCLA Subcontract)
Type: R01 CA84506 Period: 7/13/00-5/31/04
To longitudinally follow-up a cohort of older women with breast cancer to examine quality of life and survival.

Neuroimaging Correlates of Cognitive Dysfunction after Breast Cancer Treatment
Principal Investigator: Patricia Ganz
Agency: Breast Cancer Research Foundation Period: 10/01/01-9/30/03
A study of PET scan images in breast cancer survivors who have received different types of adjuvant therapy.

Recent publications

Bower JE, Ganz PA, Aziz N, Fahey JL. Fatigue and proinflammatory cytokine activity in breast cancer survivors. Psychosom Med. 2002 Jul-Aug;64(4):604-11.

Ganz PA, Desmond KA, Leedham B, Rowland JH, Meyerowitz BE & Belin,TR. Quality of Life in Long-term, Disease-Free Survivors of Breast Cancer: A Follow-up Study. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 94:39-49, 2002.

Ganz PA. Late effects of cancer and its treatment. Seminars in Oncology Nursing 17:241-248, 2001.

Bower JE, Ganz PA, Desmond KA, Rowland JH, Meyerowitz,BE & Belin T. Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors: Occurrence, Correlates, and Impact on Quality of Life. Journal of Clinical Oncology 18:743-753, 2000.

Ganz PA, Rowland JH, Desmond K, Meyerowit, BE & Wyatt GE. Life after Breast Cancer: Understanding Women’s Health-related Quality of Life and Sexual Functioning. J Clinical Oncology 16:501-514, 1998.

Ganz, Patricia A.
Pub Hlth-Hlth Serv/Med-Hemat & Onc
A2-125 CHS
mail code: 690015
phone: 310-206-1404, 310-206-1862
fax: 310-206-3566

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