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Steven W. Cole, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Department of
Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
Associate Member, UCLA/DOE Molecular Biology Institute
Associate Member, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

Research Interests

Dr. Cole studies the molecular mechanisms by which the nervous system controls viral and human gene expression. Much of his research focuses on HIV infection, including epidemiologic studies of psychological risk factors, clinical studies on the autonomic nervous system’s effect on disease pathogenesis, and in vitro studies on the molecular signaling pathways by which neurotransmitters accelerate HIV replication. Other projects analyze neural control of Human Herpesvirus 8 (Kaposi’s Sarcoma herpesvirus) and cytokine production by dendritic cells (IL-12 and Interferon-alpha). He recently developed a new vaccine vector that capitalizes on PNI signaling principles to enhance cytotoxic T cell responses to viral infections and tumors. His present studies use novel bioinformatic and statistical genetics tools to enhance the effectiveness of these vectors in the search for an AIDS vaccine.

Current research

Autonomic nervous system regulation of HIV replication
Principal Investigator: Steve Cole
Agency: NIAID
Type: Research Grant (1R01 AI/NS52737) Period: 8/1/02-7/30/06

Objective: Define molecular mechanisms by which ANS activity accelerates HIV-1 replication.

Transcription-regulating vectors for antiviral immunity
Principal Investigator: Steve Cole
Agency: NIAID
Type: HIV Vaccine Innovation Grant (1R21 AI49135) Period: 8/1/01-7/30/03

Objective: Develop viral vectors that manipulate dendritic cell signaling during primary immune responses.

Beta-adrenergic blockade to control residual HIV-1 replication
Principle Investigator: Center – Ron Mitsuyasu, Core – Steve Cole
Agency: UARP
Type: Clinical AIDS Research Center Grant (CC99-LA-02) Period: 12/01/02-11/30/04

Objective: Evalutate beta-blockade as an adjunctive therapy for controlling residual HIV replication in antiretroviral-treated patients.

Recent publications

Cole SW, Naliboff BD, Kemeny ME, Griswold M, Fahey JL, & Zack JA. Impaired response to HAART in HIV-infected individuals with high autonomic nervous system activity . PNAS USA, 98, 12695-12700, 2001.

Cole, SW, Jamieson BD, & Zack JA. cAMP externalizes lymphocyte CXCR4: Implications for chemotaxis and HIV infection. Journal of Immunology, 162, 1392-1400, 1999.

Cole SW, Korin YD, Fahey JL, & Zack JA. Norepinephrine accelerates HIV replication via protein kinase A-dependent effects on cytokine production. Journal of Immunology, 161, 610-616, 1998.

Cole S, Kemeny M, & Taylor S. Social identity and physical health: Accelerated HIV progression in rejection-sensitive gay men. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 72, 320-336, 1997.

Cole S, Kemeny M, Taylor S, Visscher B, & Fahey J. Accelerated course of HIV infection in gay men who conceal their homosexual identity. Psychosomatic Medicine, 58, 219-231, 1996.

Cole, Steven W.
Med-Hemat & Onc
11-934 Factor
mail code: 167817
phone: 310-267-4243
fax: 310-825-6192

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