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Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D.
Professor, UCLA School of Dentistry
Division of Oral Biology and Medicine, Laboratory of Human Oral and
Molecular Immunology
Associate Member, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology,
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

Current Research

co-Principal Investigator
Merit Review ( Taylor), VAMC
Alcoholism and brain-immune interactions
This project studies the molecular events that determine the mechanisms of modulation of brain-immune interactions by alcohol and alcohol abuse.

Associate Director
1 R24 AT002681 (Mayer), NIH
Mind/Brain/Body Interactions in Stress-Related Disorders
My role on this infrastructure grant is that of Associate Director for the Health Outcome core (Evidence-Based Medicine, Neuro-immune Interactions). The goal of this infrastructure grant is to develop 4 research cores (Health Outcomes, Neuroimaging, Animal Models, Psychophysiology and Pain Assessment) to provide novel, cutting edge expertise and technologies to UCLA investigators interested in the study of mind brain body interactions. After the full build up of the cores, there will be a Pilot and Feasibility program for years 3-5 of the grant with 4 annual awards. These projects will utilize the resources of the cores as well as the expertise of the involved faculty. In addition, a career development program in form of a Named New Investigator award is included, as well as several developmental and public infrastructure components.

Principal Investigator
IIRG 1064, Alzheimer’s Association (not funded yet: Appeal in progress)
The purpose of the project is to perform a systematic review on the traditional vs. complementary medicine treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Speaking Invitations


• Evidence-Based Research: A Bayesian Approach -- Implications for Mind/Body Studies in Dentistry
41 st Bayesian Conference, Van Nuys, CA

• Evidence-Based Research in Dentistry
Odontic Seminar, University of Southern California

• Evidence-Based Dentistry
Odontic Seminar, National University at San Diego

• Evidence-Based Dentistry: What is it and How to do it right
Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Dentistry, UCLA

• Evidence-Based Dentistry: Implications and Application in the Context of a Rehab Center
Rancho Los Amigos County Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

• Evidence-Based Research in Dentistry
University of Southern California, Scholl of Dentistry

Applications and Implications of Evidence-Based Dentistry
Korean-American Dental Association, Los Angeles, CA

• Tools and Methods for Evidence-Based Research in Dental Practice: Preparing the Future.
1 st Int Conf Evidence-Based Dental Practice, Atlanta, GA


• Stress in Dentistry: What is it and what can we do about it?
Odontic Seminar, University of Southern California

• Using the literature to guide clinicians and patient decision-making
2 nd Annual Integrative Medicine Symposium; UCLA

• Stress in Dentistry: Is there a role for evidence-based research
Odontic Seminar, National University at San Diego

Recent Publications

Contact Information:

Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D.
UCLA School of Dentistry
Box 951668
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668
On-campus mail: 63-090 CHS 166815
Tel: (310) 794-6625
Fax: (310) 794-7109
Web: www.pnigroup.org

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