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Michael Irwin, M.D.
is Norman Cousins Professor and Director of Cousins Center for PNI at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Prior to coming UCLA, he was a Professor of Psychiatry at the UCSD School of Medicine for over 16 years. Dr. Irwin was President of the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society and is President-Elect of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. He has additional national leadership positions as member of the American Psychosomatic Society Council and of the Advisory Council of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Irwin has written over 150 research articles, reviews, and book chapters pertinent to the field of psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body interactions. In recognition of his contributions to the field of psychosomatic research, he received the Early Career Award from the American Psychosomatic Society (1991) and was appointed Associate Editor of Psychosomatic Medicine (1998-2001). He currently serves as Associate Editor of Brain Behavior and Immunity and is on the Editorial Board of Psychosomatic Medicine. His principal research interests focus on the mechanisms of neuroimmune interactions and

the impact of PNI processes on disease including infectious disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and substance dependence. He has been the principal investigator of 14 federally funded research awards, including five currently active research awards from the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, National Institute of Aging, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders and the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Dr. Irwin is deeply committed to research training and is the recipient of two training-related awards from the National Institute of Mental Health, one for post-doctoral training in psychoneuroimmunology and the other to sponsor trainee participation in the annual meeting of the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society and Scholars Program.